Sensors are needed everywhere

Sensors are needed throughout industry and often have a significant impact on the proper operation and quality assurance of systems and processes. Therefore, products must be of high quality, user-friendly and robust.

Our success

The success of is based on constant innovation, sustainable quality and close cooperation with our suppliers. Through our experience in various industries, we have built up the knowledge to implement a wide variety of the latest sensor technologies. With a team of product specialists, we operate from our office in the Netherlands with the goal of realizing reliable measurement solutions for our customers.

Industrial know-how

With over 35 years of experience and expertise, we know what makes the difference for you. With our "why not" mentality, we understand that your business is not standard. SENSORS.NL is committed to recommending the best products and service for you.

From idea to solution

We are your partner for customized solutions in measurement technology. Together with you, we turn ideas into solutions.


In addition to the included A-brands, SENSORS.NL has also included its own product line. These sensors are purchased in quantity, allowing us to offer them more competitively to our customers. Need special prices, technical advice for your project please contact us.



Our customers include well-known companies in the automotive, construction engineering, process automation, mechanical engineering, maritime & offshore, pleasure and inland navigation, hydraulics, heating & ventilation, crane and transport, air conditioning & refrigeration and agricultural sectors is part of Marktechnical BV.

Marktechnical Sensors & Controls founded in 1983 is a leading total supplier of sensors for the industry and maritime sector. With an enthusiastic team of professionals, we operate from our offices in the Netherlands and Belgium with the aim of realizing reliable measurement solutions for our clients. Permanent innovation in a rapidly developing market, technical customer insight, short lines, renewed stock concepts and relationship-driven is where Marktechnical got its excellent name.

Your benefits and our services

delivery offer

  • Level sensors, float switches
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters
  • Contact, cable and surface temperature sensors
  • Channel and immersion temperature sensors
  • Outdoor and room temperature sensors
  • High temperature sensors
  • Combination sensor temperature / humidity
  • Measuring, evaluation and control devices
  • Counters, timers, panel meters
  • Frequency inverters
  • Fuel consumption meters
  • Pressure transmitters (relative, absolute and differential)
  • Pressure switches, pressostats
  • Manometers, pressure gauges, thermometers
  • Heating Technology
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Displays, controllers
  • CO2-CO sensors for room and duct monitoring
  • Smoke and water detection
  • Ultrasonic level measurement
  • Weather Stations
  • Safety controllers
  • Thermostats, frost protection thermostats
  • Signal conditioning
  • Flow switches, flow meters
  • Valves and valve blocks
  • Servomotors
  • Explosion-proof instrumentation
  • Flow and process indicators
  • Wireless systems, alarm systems
  • Maritime technology
  • Compressed air technology
  • Household appliances

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